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Successful YouTube Production – cheap!

Who sez edumacation can’t be fun and funny?

In this book Wazooloo (aka Ian Juby) walks the hopeful YouTube producer through tips and tricks on how to make professional quality video productions in the most inopportune situations, and for little to no budget. As a fellow vagabond living in his van, Wazooloo understands the need to be able to produce quality videos for cheap, and shares his wealth of knowledge, garnered from years of experience in both YouTube and television production. Complete with tech tips and even video tutorials, this book is sure to inspire you, and who knows? Maybe even help you make some money so you can upgrade your van.

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What others are alleged to have said about this book:
Do you remember that kid that people used to make fun of in school? Well,
now he wants to help you use YouTube like a pro! With his state-of-the-art
experience and home-made equipment, this book is packed with information
so you too can learn how to be a vanguard from your van!
Or couch. I’m sure he doesn’t really care where you are when you make use
of his tips. Are you still reading this? Why haven’t you already opened up the

-Brock Lee



This book is packed full of useful tips and tricks of the YouTube trade,
and it is going to take careful study on my part to fix all of the things
I now realize I have been doing wrong all of these years. Ian’s voice of
experience as the result of many trials and experiments has produced a
volume that will save me all kinds of time and money.

-Doug Sharp, producer, “Revolution against evolution” TV show
“The Vagabond’s Guide to Successful YouTube Production” contains everything
you need to know to make stunning, professional-looking (and sounding) videos.
Ian shares a wealth of knowlege in areas like: what to look for in a camera;
easy but impressive special effects; advice about what NOT to do; and his
own helpful reviews of various free and pay-for video editing programs. This
funny, informative book is an enjoyable read and a true education in
video-making. He also details the ins and outs of YouTube as few other
people could. The book is interspersed with “Vagabond’s tips” ranging from
how to power all your tech equipment from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter
to how to salvage footage that was ruined by a bad white balance. This book
will prove to be a useful tool for anyone involved in video-making.

-Becky Stewart, Family Armory


Wow! This new E-book by Wazooloo is great! I was surprised to learn these
effective & powerful techniques to become a successful YouTuber. A must

In the book are tips for special effects, good sound, community
cooperation and of course superhero outfits, although you must not have
gotten the memo that capes are Out. One disappointment however is that a
manual on how to produce YouTube videos “on the cheap” should also
include instructions on proper duct tape usage and removal. I found no
such instructions. I just hope all his readers know about duct tape. My
guess is that they already do. I do anyway.

-Eugene Gateley, Hugenex2000

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